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Product Description

Toyota reach trucks modeled 8FBR10-30 utilize the 'Traction & Brake Control' for better performance and greater ease of operation while offering greater reliability.

Technical Specifications :

Operator Position


Load Capacity



Load Center



Overall Width 



Turning Radius (outside)



Overhead Guard Height



Length to Fork Face




Machine performance

  • The AC motor has no bushes or contactors, thus requiring minimal maintenance & is more cost effective. It also provides smooth start without any irregularity in accelerating operation.
  • There are three modes of performance on the basis of worksite requirement which are available to the operator. They can be selected with the ‘Power Select Function’.

    i)   S-mode : The standard mode offering performance which meets the demand of a wide variety of worksites.

ii)  P-mode : This mode uses the power to provide better performance of the machine.

iii) H-mode : The H-mode setting gives high performance with a priority on load handling speed.

  • Power keep Function provides a better and long-lasting battery charge; which furnishes a vibrant performance even as the charge in the battery gets lower.
  • Energy saving and extended operating time is the virtue of the ‘regenerative braking system’ that generates power while switching back, acceleration and applying the brakes.


Machine safety

  • The most optimal amount of brake power needed to be applied to the two front wheels is determined by the front assist brake system. This marginally reduces the sway while braking and also results in better stoppage on slippery surfaces.
  • Another useful feature while driving on slippery surfaces is the ‘Traction Control’. It adjusts the output of the motor torque and reduces the slipping of the drive wheel.
  • For maintaining the stability while travelling or handling of load, there is an electronic controller called ‘Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)’.
  • The reach truck goes out of operation if the floor switch does not detect the driver, owing to the Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) System.


Machine ergonomics

  • The strain for the operator when getting on and off the machine is considerably reduced due to low floor.
  • Arm pad and waist support have been incorporated for a comfortable experience.
  • The operator is provided with a clear view of the fork tips due to the angled lower backrest. It also makes it more convenient for the operator to insert the forks into a pallet.


Machine ‘ease of use’

  • Pinpoint trouble shooting is achieved due to built-in diagnostic functions.
  • The diameter the electronic steering wheel is small for comfortable operation and thereby reduces fatigue.
  • More options and accessories such as Water & Rust proof Components, Laser Marker, Cold Storage model, LED headlight, Rear rubber bumper, Load meter can be available to meet the requirements of specific warehouses.

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