BT Levio R-Series LRE200

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Travel Speed Unloaded (Km/Hr.) :
Lift Capacity (Kg):
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Product Description

The BT Levio R-series also called as the rider-seated powered pallet truck enhances driver safety owing to the ‘seated-cab’ design.

Technical Specifications

Model Number       LRE200

Maximum Lifting Capacity (Kg)


Maximum Battery Capacity (Ah)


Maximum Travel Speed (Km/hr)



The salient features are as follows:

  • Load capacity up to 3 tonnes with load centre at 600 mm.
  • Length of fork up to 3590 mm.
  • Maximum speed available is 19.9 kilometres per hour.
  • Battery exchange is much easier and thus suited for multi-shift operations.
  • Drive comfort is enhanced due to adjustable seat, steering wheel, pedals and a cushioned cab.

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