BT Reflex E-Series RRE160E

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Product Description

The Toyota BT Reflex E series reach forklift trucks consist of a high lift reach truck with an additional tilting cabin option for heavy-duty material handing.

Technical Specifications


Model Number RRE160E

Maximum Lifting Capacity (Kg)


Maximum Lifting Height (m)


Maximum Battery Capacity (Ah)


Maximum Travel Speed (Km/hr)



The Toyota BT Reflex E series reach forklift trucks come with 5 models viz. RRE140E to RRE250E depending upon the load capacity which ranges from 1.4ton to 2.5ton and they provide lifting heights up to 12.5m.

This ‘E’ variant has the cabin automatically tilting above a certain height which increases the visibility of the load and thereby reducing the strain on the neck of the operator.

The advanced Transitional Lift Control (TLC) system provides shock free and smooth lifting/lowering of load even at maximum speed thereby assuring the protection of the load and safety in operation.

The low step-in height facilitates convenient mounting and dismounting of the operator. The ergonomics and safety considerations for the driver are further enhanced by the adjustable seat and all-round visibility.

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