BT Reflex O-Series RRE160R

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Product Description

The BT Reflex O-series reach trucks share their features with the rest of the BT reflex series and also offer the additional feature of Transitional Lift Control System.

Technical Specifications

Model Number RRE160R

Maximum Lifting Capacity (Kg)


Maximum Lifting Height (m)


Maximum Battery Capacity (Ah)


Maximum Travel Speed (Km/hr)



The salient features are :-

  1. Maximum load capacity of 1.6 tonnes (at the load centre of 600mm) with the maximum lift height of 7.5 m.
  2. Drive speed up to 11 km per hour.
  3. The advanced Transitional Lift Control (TLC) system provides shock free and smooth lifting/lowering of load even at maximum speed thereby assuring the protection of the load and safety in operation.
  4. The tyres are treaded and Super-elastic type for better grip on wet/uneven surfaces.
  5. High ground clearance of 145mm helps to work efficiently on uneven surfaces.
  6. The revised drive wheel configuration is complemented by the heavy-duty gearbox.
  7. Three-wheel braking facilitates enhanced safety and reliability.
  8. Operates in both indoor/outdoor locations.
  9. The gearbox provided is heavy-duty and complements the modified drive-wheel configuration.
  10. Three weather protection options with available options single/multiple polycarbonate windows on overhead guard/sides, door, heater.


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