About us

TraxnX is India’s one & only online marketplace for buying and selling of USED forklifts & warehouse trucks.
For buyers, we have established a well-structured and organised platform to explore and conduct in-depth research of all the categories of used forklifts like Counter balance Forklifts , Reach Trucks , Pallet Stackers , Tow Trucks , Order Picking Trucks , Side Loaders and others, as per application, requirement of lift height , load capacity, engine types etc available across any state & city of India.
For sellers, we help you list your inspected and good quality used forklifts & warehouse trucks and showcase it to the prospective buyers in India, visiting our website. This gets you faster and better sales conversions.
In essence , we are your indispensable partners situated at the heart of all buying & selling of used forklifts & warehouse trucks in India.